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1 Applying.. on Fri Sep 07 2012, 09:16


Name: Roy Jaymart Paez

Age: 14

Country: Philippines

Facebook Accounts (Maximum 5):

Reasons for becoming Moderator: Lots of people are wondering how te become a moderator or how they are chosen. It's not a matter of having something, like having more then 5000 posts or being a member for more then a year. No, it's a matter of your appearence in the forum.

'Real' moderators stand up on the first day they are here in the forum. They are doing something extra then the other member, I will help other members, help thinking about how to make this forum better and they are here on a regular basis. If you look around you can find some these members. It are these members that earn the most respect from others and if a moderator is needed, these members are recommended for the job.

So it's not a matter of how much you have done or how long, but what you do and how you it.

What do you think that Moderator will do:

Some of the most powerful people on the Internet are commoners like you and me. The effective moderation of a successful forum takes a great amount of discipline and ability, but yields great success and respect. It’s very likely that these superusers are lingering in forums and communities across the Web. They might not be moderators in every case, but chances are they’re highly respected individuals with a lot of influence in the communities in which they participate.

The fact is that, as a moderator, you have a unique gift called leadership. This gift has given you the opportunity to work as a moderator on whatever board you’re part of. But leadership is simply a raw force — an energy — that drives us and influences others. It’s like fire, having the potential to both bring reward and cause harm. It depends on the person who wields that leadership, and the maturity with which he or she uses it.

Do you have some previous experience with moderating (give links of sites):


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2 Re: Applying.. on Mon Sep 10 2012, 06:43


UP Very Happy


+Rep me if I help

3 Re: Applying.. on Wed Sep 12 2012, 12:14


Its ok.. if i will be V.I.P member Very Happy


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4 Re: Applying.. on Mon Nov 05 2012, 11:48




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5 Re: Applying.. on Tue Nov 06 2012, 13:38




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