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AirMech Google Games

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1 AirMech Google Games on Thu Aug 16 2012, 05:09


Your Objective…

…is to destroy the enemy Fortress. And at the same time, you should prevent the enemy from destroying your Fortress. You and your enemy’s Fortress health is displayed in the top middle area of the screen. Much like a fighting game, whoever is reduced to zero first loses.

Making Life Easier

Building units and sending them to do your dirty work is the best way to get ahead. But to build units, you need credits. You are continually earning credits, and will earn additional credits for other structures you control. Getting 4 of your Infantry units into any structure will capture it for you, and it becomes a place you can pick up units from, heal, and make you rich. Basic Infantry continually spawn from your Fortress, but you are free to build more if you need them.

Every unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. They cost different amounts, take various times to build, and have different applications. We will add proper descriptions here later, as well as in game. Notice that Supply vehicles have no weapons, and that guided missiles only attack enemy AirMechs. It’s intended to be a bit of a rock-paper-scissor arrangement, and you unlock more advanced units as you level up. More about that later!

How exactly do I capture?

Starting a fresh game, spam the 1 key a few times. This will build some Infantry units (they are really fast to build). Right-click on the middle of your Fortress to pick one up, and drop it anywhere that is open ground. They should find their way to the nearest structure that needs capturing. They walk into the side of them–don’t try to drop them on top of one. Right next to the door is close enough.


Controls (keyboard/mouse)

Despite the huge list of commands you see below, the game is fairly simple at it’s core. There are a lot of alternate ways to do things, to suit different styles of play. Hardcore players will want every hotkey at their disposal (not customizable at this time, but yes in the future) while casual players will find they can play the entire game with only the mouse. Look over what you can do below, experiment a bit, and find out what works best for you.

WSAD (preferred) or Arrow Keys for movement

Left-click (air) - move to this location (can be held down)

Right-click (air) - pickup/drop unit (hold when dropping for precise placement)

Scrollwheel - open cockpit view to build units (other direction to close)

Left-click (cockpit) - build this unit and close cockpit

Right-click (cockpit) - build this unit and leave cockpit open (add to queue)

Space - transform to robot mode, or pickup/drop unit if over one

Right-click (on self) - transform toggle (or pickup/drop unit if holding one)

Left-click (ground) - shoot in this direction

Right-click (ground) - alternate attack (hold down)

Esc - pause game menu

R - build another of the last unit built

Q - open cockpit toggle (build units)

Tab - open cockpit toggle (map)

X (air) - fly back to Fortress

Z (air) - fly back to closest friendly structure

E (with unit held) - assign same order as last order

1-8 - build unit slots 1 through 8

C (with unit held) - set unit to Hold Position

T (with unit held) - set unit to Capture Structure

Y (with unit held) - set unit to Attack Enemy Fortress

F (with unit held) - set unit to Link to Unit

G (with unit held) - set unit to Patrol Area

Right-click (with held unit with Patrol order) - place Patrol path marker

Controls (gamepad)

Currently the only confirmed working gamepad is an Xbox360 controller. It should have all the same functionality as the mouse/keyboard control setup, though at this stage of development don’t hold me to that! The game plays a bit differently with a gamepad, but works very well. It was the original control method for the game in fact.

Left Analog Stick - movement

Right Analog Stick - aim/fire

Left Trigger - pickup/drop/transform (context sensitive)

B - open cockpit (toggle)

A (cockpit) - build unit (Left Analog to choose)

Right Bumper - open cockpit (hold/release)

Y - build another of the last unit built

Dpad Left/Right (with unit held) - select order

A (with unit held) - assign order to held unit

Dpad Down (air) - fly back to Fortress

Dpad Up (air) - fly back to closest friendly structure

Select - cycle camera zoom

X (with held unit with Patrol order) - place Patrol path marker

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